All of your content in one place.

StoryDesk offers a flexible mobile content management solution for sales and marketing teams.

Seamlessly distribute content to a team - so everyone is on brand, and on message, all the time.


Accessible offline

Centrally managed

Realtime Collaboration

Guide the presentation and control the conversation - from your iPad to theirs - using Roundtable™.

With Roundtable, you can deliver a StoryDesk presentation from your device to up to 10,000 iPads – in real time.

Roundtable works for both in-person meetings and teleconferences.

Nonlinear &

Create interactive iPad presentations that simplify messaging and engage audiences.

Navigate to let the content support the conversation.

PowerPoint, this is not.

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Real-time feedback & analytics improve content and sales productivity.

Measure engagement, reach and exposure.

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