StoryDesk is an all-in-one mobile sales & marketing solution for business.

Centralized Content Management

Keep the sales team on-brand, on-message and up-to-date with the latest content.


Measure and improve your sales and marketing collateral.

Nonlinear Navigation

Go up/down, side-to-side, and even do a deep dive into your content. (X+Y+Z navigation)

Multimedia Support

Photos, text, audio, and video.

iPad Creation and Editing

Create and edit interactive presentations from planes, trains, and automobiles.

iPad-to-iPad Sharing

Push a presentation to a client's iPad. And then send updates directly from your device to theirs.

Offline Support

No internet? No problem. StoryDesk works offline.


Your branding, Your content. And, with our Enterprise edition, your app. Either way, no tech skills required.


SSL encryption and happy cooperation with all major MDM platforms.

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StoryDesk is an iPad app comprised of dozens of beautifully designed, interactive templates.
We're the alternative to boring slideshows and pricey app development.

Marketers love us because we enable them to deliver crisp, customized, interactive collateral to their sales teams. And then offer metrics to improve it.

Sales teams love us
because we help them sell more.

IT loves us because we're secure,
stable and cost effective.

Drop content and files into interactive templates for a native, beautiful iPad presentation.

How It Works

  1. 1) Upload your content - photo, video, files, text - using the StoryDesk CloudManager. Your assets will be synced to the iPad.
  2. 2) Using the StoryDesk iPad app, insert your content into StoryDesk's interactive templates. All creation and editing is done directly from the iPad.
  3. 3) Hit save, and then publish the presentation to your team.

Interactive Templates See all

File Manager

View and send PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS and other file types from within the presentation.

Bar Chart

Bring your data to life with this interactive bar chart. Add as many bars as needed to reflect your message. Adjust the height with a tap of your finger and adjust the colors to drive home your message.


Insert text and images into slideable drawers. Tap the circle to reveal and hide.


9 videos in one single gallery. Enough said.

Video Carousel

A swipeable reel of videos. Tap to play it on the big screen.


Introduce a new concept or section with a bold title + description.


Dive deep into your content, peeling back layer-upon-layer, with a template that enables Z-axis navigation.

Photo Context

Full bleed photo with a headline and description at bottom.

Horizontal Gallery

Add images to create a left-to-right swipeable gallery. Tap any image to dig deeper.

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