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March 13, 2012

iPad for Sales : Marketing Collateral for the 21st Century

Last month I walked into the Javits Center here in New York city towards the ends of a trade show. Piled at the far rear corner of the convention hall were boxes and boxes of sales collateral – brochures, handouts, leave behinds – that had been design, printed, and shipped to here for distribution to conference attendees.


Now they were on their way to a landfill.


There’s something very broken in the way we are using content to communicate to our potential clients. Much effort and expense is put into spending on marketing efforts which we know, intuitively, to be misguided.


I don’t collect and keep sales brochures, so why would my customers?


I don’t visit and revisit websites, so why would my sales prospects?


I don’t find PowerPoint slide shows engaging, so why would my clients?
I never look at the PDF leave behind, so why would my partners?


These are the unmentionables of services businesses that use these media to communicate their offering. We do these things not because we think they are effective, but because we’re afraid not to. And in fairness, we do it because for so long there’s not been a viable alternative to these options.


Well, that’s no longer the case.


The iPad heralds an era of marketing and sales materials made memorable and measurable. Sales content that’s interactive so people spend more time with it and remember your offering. Presentations that are dynamic and able to capture the nuance and complexity of your offering. All undergirded by technology that lets us update this content remotely and inform our prospects and clients when the presentation has changed, when there’s new information for them to engage with. And made honest with real time analytics that help us understand the efficacy of our message.


We believe that this vision represents the future of sales and marketing content. Stay tuned as we deliver it.


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