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September 12, 2012

iPad Presentation App for Designers and Creative Agencies

Designers and creative agencies have long relied on pen and paper to convey the aesthetic prowess of their creations. Fueled by the explosive adoption of mobile devices throughout much of the developed world, creative agencies and designers sit at the precipice of an exciting opportunity to leverage the tablet as an interactive, digital portfolio of sorts.

The following are issues to consider with respect to iPad Presentation Apps in the creative + design realm:

1) The iPad is the world’s most versatile content display system

The iPad’s brilliant retina display was built to showcase rich multimedia in all of its glory. The iPad 3’s retina display can showcase your work in 2048 x 1536 pixels, an almost 50% greater resolution than that of the preceding iPad. Paper portfolios cannot bring your designs to life as effectively and as vividly as the iPad. Create a dazzling, multimedia-laden portfolio of your. Don’t limit yourself to just images. Copy explaining the inspiration behind certain works (or better yet, video) can add further depth to your Presentation App.

2) Organize Your Portfolio

Paper portfolios can become quite cumbersome, especially if you’ve been around for a while and have a great deal to show for it. Amass your entire portfolio into an iPad Presentation App. You’ll have access to the breadth of your design work – allowing you to more effectively showcase your abilities and skills to prospective clients and customers. The digitization of your designs and creative assets will not only save you money in printing costs, but will also serve as a lightweight, mobile, interactive portfolio ridding the need to carry that bulky, cumbersome portfolio.

3) Stay connected with Customers/Clients + Manage Workflow

With respect to creative agencies, consider arming account executives + designers with iPads. This way, client proposals can be sent from designer to account executive to client on the fly, allowing the account executive to keep clients more closely in the loop regarding the status of their next marquee advertising campaign. This sort of process optimization is only one of the many ways in which the iPad can add value to your organization and facilitate more effective interaction with colleagues and clients alike.


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