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October 24, 2012

Using the iPad for Employee Training

From the hallways of behemoth Fortune 500 companies to your local, family-owned convenience store – employee training is a pervasive throughout corporate America and main street alike. Employees often lament that employee training is a waste of time, unengaging, boring, and even patronizing. An interactive iPad presentation app created for HR training purposes can drastically increase engagement, employee satisfaction, and message retention.

The following are tips to guide HR departments in developing an iPad presentation app for training purposes.

1) Gamification

Unengaging presentations are the primary reason why employees often dread HR training sessions. Droning lectures and non-interactive PowerPoint presentations pervade in the employee training arena. Consider “gamifying” the employer training experience. Create an app replete with scenario-driven games and incentivize employees to participate through competition, rewards, and the like. This approach is more engaging, interactive, enjoyable and ultimately leads to greater message retention. Studies show that the more engaged a subject is, the more likely he/she is to retain messages and be able to recall important messages and concepts.

2) Measurability

With an iPad, HR can measure employee understanding and concept retention in app by gathering and relaying key metrics to the appropriate parties. The iPad is not only an effective content display device, it is one of the world’s foremost content capture devices as well. Measuring employee performance and message retention can also aid HR in troubleshooting and retooling it’s approach to employee training.

3) Centralized Control & Security

For especially large companies, content can be stored, edited an distributed from a centralized location ensuring content security and seamless distribution to the relevant parties. Ensure your confidential training documents remain secure in the cloud by choosing a provider housed on secure servers with enterprise-grade SSL encryption. Furthermore, ensure you have the ability to password-protect access to your content management system + app to ensure that only the relevant parties are authorized to access your materials.


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