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What is a user?
A user is a person who uses the software. Our terms of service offer a more formal definition, but that's pretty much it.
Do I need to pay for a year up front?
Do I need Professional Implementation?
For Enterprise and Publisher plans, the answer is yes. Professional implementation ensures that you get started on the right foot with StoryDesk. To that end, our professional implementation includes two live training sessions, a customer success coach assigned to your account, and the setup of your first presentation to give you a running start. The fee for this depends on the size and scope of your deployment.
Can I add more seats to my account?
Yes, additional seats can be added to any account at any time.
How does custom theming work?
You provide your company's brand elements - logo, font choice, and exact colors - and StoryDesk designers will generate a theme. Two rounds of revisions are included in this process, but we usually get it right the first time. There is a onetime fee of $2500 for this service.
How does the standalone app work?
StoryDesk creates a custom branded version of our software - making it, quite literally, your app. The app is approved by Apple and distributed to your team using the Apple's VPP program. This process takes about 1 week. There is a onetime fee of $5000 for this service.